Grill Cleaning & Repair Service

When you need your outdoor grill repaired or cleaned in Westchester, turn to the experts at General Grill Cleaning & Repair, owned and operated by Mr Chimney. We have the knowledge and the know how to clean and repair just about any grill within minutes. Call Mr Chimney and schedule your onsite visit today; you can be sure to receive top-notch service and a fully functional grill. We also provide a wide range of services:

Gas grill repair
Gas grill replacement
Gas fireplace repair
Gas fireplace wiring repair
Gas log set repair
Piezo ignitor replacement
Thermocouple replacement
Thermopile replacement
Gas log set installation
Gas fireplace installation
Gas bbq installation
Gas grill installation
Gas grill cleaner
Gas grill maintenance
Gas grill company

There’s a lot more than just wiping down a grill with soap and hot water and a wire brush. Here at Mr. Chimney, our Grill Technicians use safe and highly effective cleaning methods to get you the best result. All of our technicians are trained to remove all grime and carbon deposits from the grates. Once we remove the grate, we carefully inspect the connectivity to the Piezo ignition, thermocouple, and to the thermopile. If additional parts are needed we will discuss your options. After we inspect and polish your grill, we place the thermometer, knobs, and buttons back on your grill as it looked on the day you bought it.


Cleaning is done with wire brushes and cloth to remove debris.
We clean out the burner parts (if blocked, it can create a low or uneven flame which will cause food to be unevenly cooked.)
Clean the heat shield
Clean the grease trap (where all the fatty deposits and grease drips into)
Service usually takes a 1/2 hour to an hour to do.

Common Issues:

Grill not getting hot enough: more than likely it is clogged/ blocked burner ports or spider web blocking the burner orifice.
Having a lot of flare-ups: More than likely a buildup of grease on the flavor grids and/ or cooking grid.
We will inspect your grill. If additional parts are needed we will discuss your options.
We will polish your grill if it is stainless steel.