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    We sell all of these manufactures at DEEP, DEEP DISCOUNTS!

Chase Pans

Chase pans can have multiple holes which protects the chase of the chimney from the elements.

Chimney Flue Liners

The pipe that runs the length of the chimney and connects your heating units, wood burning stoves, fireplaces, etc., to the top of the chimney and out to exhaust each of these separately. Originally, chimneys had a terracotta clay lining or were just brick. Terracotta is a porous substance and cracks and breaks down after a while, as does brick. This is why Mr Chimney lines your flues with stainless steel liners (which comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty).

Chimney Rain Cap

A chimney rain cap protects your chimney flue from water, animals and debris. The caps come in standard sizes, but can be custom-made.


There are two types of dampers: top & bottom. These dampers open and close the flues and allow your fireplace to exhaust properly. The top damper is controlled by a chain coming through the flue, which opens the flue when you light a fire and closes the flue when the fireplace is not in use. The bottom damper, which is located just above the firebox, is controlled by a handle to open and close the flue.

Electric Exhaust Fans

This is a draft enhancing tool that ensures proper and more efficient drafting of flues. These fans stop soot and smoke from pouring into your home or business. The exhaust fans are mounted on top of your chimney and have a variable speed switch that you control. This switch enables you to control the size of your fire, i.e., ... from a small romantic fire to a large roaring fire. The unit is virtually maintenance-free and prevents animals, leaves, water, sticks and any other debris from entering the chimney flue.